eCommerce Auditing Agency

We provide multi-dimensional eCommerce audits for upsurging brands seeking a detailed and comprehensive approach to the eCommerce technology stack, revamped user experience, and marketing channels. We strive to help you uncover major branding obstacles and meet aspired eCommerce growth targets, and therefore our audit and technology consulting solutions are entirely bespoke.

Our eCommerce audit services hinge on a circumspective mode of assessment in which we review every pivotal façade of your eCommerce operation. These key aspects effectively cover a supportive technology stack, a suitable eCommerce platform, lucrative third-party setup, strategy for buyer acquisition, frontend UX, progressive marketing impact, unique channel performance, data analytics, monitoring, reporting, and more

Whether a full-fledged audit project or a feature-bound evaluation, our immensely customizable brand audits can expediently serve the specific requirements of your business. All-in-all, we segregate your eCommerce operations in a functional hierarchy to dispense equal attention on each essential part. Our flexible audit and consulting solutions include the following

Technology stack – eCommerce platform & frameworks, third-party configuration, backend systems, integrations, etc
Customer experience – Frontend UX, merchandising functions, email-based communication, content, mobile usability, CRM, performance, checkout, payments, post-purchase CX, etc.
Analytics – Tag management, data, attribution models, etc.
Customer acquisition – Global optimization, cutting-edge web marketing technologies, the influence of individual channels, marketing budget evaluation, etc.
All-inclusive eCommerce – Accessibility, SEO, site performance, simple checkout, payments, etc.
eCommerce teams – Team skills, processes, training, and development

Our audits are built around the concept of actionable insights that can successfully lay the foundation of an efficient eCommerce performance roadmap. Our recommendation plan focuses on data-driven marketing practices that prompt you towards well-informed decisions for your upcoming retail venture.

How We Work

We dwell upon an emphatic commencement that begins from the initial discovery of your brands’ objectives, targets, common marketing hazards, and potential solutions. Obtain authenticated access to the server, eCommerce platform, analytics portals, & other systems considered under the review.

We precisely consume 4-6 weeks to prepare a definitive audit after which we also deliver a presentation to the stakeholders along with detailed documentation of all priorities.

Our audit module either focuses on selected areas of your eCommerce venture or contemplates an entire review to address the futuristic layout altogether.

Our Credentials

A trained group of avid team players with great skills in project management, marketing, and analysis.

Innate expertise in technical and strategic domains (encompassing CRM and PIM)
Even-handed team of professionals who don’t rely on commissions from platform and technology partners.

A leading service provider for Shopify Plus consultancy solutions.
End-to-end experience with Magento, Shopify, and other prominent eCommerce platforms.
Robust relationships with technology partners – Klevu, Klaviyo, Nosto, Ometria, Klarna, etc