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We’re India’s fastest-growing Shopify Plus Agency & eCommerce Marketing experts since 2014. We are a team of developers, UI/UX experts & marketing specialist who helped 250+ brands worldwide to design, build & migrate to Shopify, Shopify Plus stores

Over the past 8+ years have designed & developed 250+ Shopify stores and have acquired over 60,000 hours of in-house Shopify development experience. Our themes are scalable, quick, and conversion-optimized, giving you total control over your brand’s consumer experience while also allowing you to expand your business

Brad’s key mission is to DO GOOD being a Shopify Plus agency for the sake of our clients, our team, and young brains, we aim to foster and support entrepreneurship. We believe to significantly have a positive impact in the society for long run, not only our employees and clients


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Shopify Plus design, development & replatforming services

A Shopify Plus Agency you can trust, fastest-growing Shopify Plus Agency &  e-commerce marketing experts, work with aspirational brands around the world to design, develop, migrate, and grow Shopify, Shopify Plus stores. Whether you are starting a new journey and want to develop a Shopify Plus store or you want to maximise the potential of your current store, we have the skills to support you. Your Shopify store can benefit from help on all fronts, from design and development to regular technical support and optimization, thanks to your access to our team of Shopify Brad Experts. We support you in making sure your eCommerce store stands out from the competition by taking the time to understand your business’ goals, demands, and aspirations!

shopify plus design development


We’ve helped brands to sell globally, and Shopify Plus is the best platform for international expansion. The ideal platform for worldwide expansion is Shopify Plus. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate architecture, currency, language, and multi-store techniques, regardless of the stage your plan is in


Shopify subscriptions

We help you to integrate your subscriptions feature on Shopify & Shopify Plus stores. You may acquire loyal customers and get consistent revenue by using a subscription model. We speed up all aspects of your subscription brand, including the technological underpinnings and your growth-improving marketing strategies


Headless commerce

For high-growth brands with specific requirements, Brad experts use the potential of headless eCommerce on Shopify Plus, JAMStack. We'll collaborate with your team to provide advice on the top feature for fostering brands development. Build without restrictions using any coding language, such as React.js


Systems' integrations

By facilitating your ability to focus on your brands back-end operations, we help the expansion of your Brands. Brad experts can connect Shopify Plus with your ERP, CRM, WMS, and other third party applications to optimise back-end operation processes while also improving backend marketing and customer experience


Payments & checkout

Brad experts help brands to customise Shopify Plus Checkout & Payments. You have access to the most powerful checkout in the world thanks to Shopify Checkout's ongoing speed, conversion, and customer experience optimizations. You can improve checkout experiences and boost conversions using Shopify Payments & Checkout


Shopify plus scripts

Brad experts has extensive knowledge with Shopify scripts. Shopify Scripts, which are exclusively offered with Shopify Plus, are a significant improvement to your shop. Shopify Scripts are often used to apply discounts based on the goods in the customer's shopping cart. They can also be used to alter the payment and shipping choices in your shop, so don't limit your usage of them to that


Shopify plus migrations

We help merchants that want to use Shopify Plus for replatforming from woocommerce, magento & custom ecommerce stores so they can take use of the platform's variety of conversion-boosting features. Along the route, we design your shop, migrate your data and items, and optimise your new website for e-commerce success while we lead your brand


Shopify B2B/Wholesale

The B2B/Wholesale experts at Brad can help you in growing your brands. Without the need of applications or scripting, B2B on Shopify incorporates the most crucial wholesale functionalities within the platform's basic functionality. With shop themes, net payment terms, discounts, and a simplified checkout process, tap into the full potential of Shopify's personalised purchasing experience


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Our collaborators & partnerships

Discover the tech partners that help us – and you – unlock ecommerce excellence! By improving your ability to concentrate on your brand, we help the expansion of your brands. Brad specialists can integrate Shopify Plus into your ERP, CRM and other third party integrations to streamline back office operations, marketing, and customer experience.
To give your consumers an outstanding experience, we collaborate with leading companies in the field, like Yotpo, Gorgias, Klaviyo, Nosto, Loyalty Loin, Klevu AI and many more

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Our industry based Shopify Plus capabilities

Our experienced ecommerce experts team is available around the globe to assist you in design, developing, & replatforming unique technological solutions tailored to your industry and brands

Fashion & Lifestyle

Our experienced Shopify developers provide best-in-class Shopify and Shopify Plus stores that improve consumer experience and speed up growth in order to fulfil the technical requirements of the fashion and lifestyle industry

Beauty & Cosmetics

We assist Beauty & Cosmetics brands in setting up a Shopify shop that advances their goals. These days, beauty and cosmetics firms push the market by breaking preconceptions and crossing boundaries. Shopify specializes at staying up to date with fashion trends

Jewellery & Accessories

Brad Shopify professionals can assist you. We help jewellery & accessories brands who want to grow their business online with Shopify migrate, design, create, and optimise solutions. Shopify is quick, scalable, and simple to control

Home Décor

Our Shopify professionals are aware of the integrations, design choices, and applications that may help your shop expand in the manner that you choose. We have expertise designing, building, and optimising fashion businesses on Shopify and Shopify Plus for Home & Décor brands from over the globe

Herbal & Ayurvedic

Herbal and Ayurvedic brands do well on Shopify. Our Shopify professionals are aware of the integrations, design choices, and applications that may help your shop expand in the manner that you choose. We have expertise building, developing, and optimising fashion sites on Shopify and Shopify Plus for Herbal & Ayurvedic brands located all over the globe

Health & Wellness

Brad High-quality e-commerce websites are designed, built, and migrated using Shopify by specialists. Quantity is less significant than quality. We choose our projects carefully and work to provide the best value. You can rely on us since we have more than 8 years of expertise creating Shopify Plus shops for health and wellness.