UX & Tech Audit

Growth and conversion focused eCommerce agency accelerating D2C (Direct-to-consumer), fashion, lifestyle & luxury brands on Shopify & Shopify Plus by providing high value eCommerce strategy, CRO tests, CX and UX based on best practices and development on Shopify.

A custom user experience and tech audit to understand your customer journey when on your site, opportunity to increase conversion, LTV, AOV, and understand the tech infrastructure and landscape.

Trusted by 300+ D2C (Direct-to-consumer), fashion, lifestyle & luxury brands
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All Our Audits Include 

  • User Profile Cards
  • Assessment of Critical eCommerce Pages
  • Challenges in Customer Journey
  • Guided Tour & Discussion with eCommerce Specialists
  • 4-5 UI Ideas for High-Conversion Zones
  • Evaluation of Brand Interface (UI)
  • 40-60 Growth Strategies by Impact Assessment
  • Summary of Heatmap Findings & Analytics
  • 20+ CRO Test Proposals + Guidelines

UX + Technical Audits

2-3 Weeks


Growing ecommerce brands wanting an agency to explore quality of code, surplus code + redundant apps, outline tech stack, optimisation + performance.

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  • Report on Technical Setup
  • Report on Technical Setup
  • Report on Live Bugs and Issues
  • Report Surplus/Broken/ineffective Apps
  • Breakdown Report & Feedback on Section Basis
  • Speed & Performance Report

  • Loom Walkthrough
  • Call to run through findings in-depth
  • Tangible Recommendations based on Impac
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2-3 Weeks

Customer Experience

Growing ecommerce brands wanting an agency to explore quality of code, surplus code + redundant apps, outline tech stack, optimisation + performance.

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  • Full Audience Persona Cards
  • Customer Journey frustrations
  • Heatmap Report/Analytics Summary
  • CX Review of Key Ecom Pages
  • Brand Application review

  • 2x UI Concepts for high-conversion areas
  • Loom Walkthrough
  • Call to run through findings in-depth
  • 30+ Growth Initiatives recommended based on Impact
  • 15+ CRO Test recommendations + criteria
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Since 2016, our collaboration with BRAD ADVERTISING has been steadfast, and this partnership continues to flourish with a promising future ahead. Their commitment to integrity and cost-effective solutions for websites, marketing, and customized development is deeply appreciated. The excellence of BRAD ADVERTISING’s work and their swift communication turnaround bring us immense satisfaction. The genuine honesty demonstrated by Director Brad A and the entire team is truly admirable and valued.

Syed Faraz | Orange Fashion Village

Audit Methodology

User Experience


  • Identify potential growth areas
  • Spotlight common user annoyances
  • Comprehend consumer purchasing patterns

Technical Aspects


  • Unearth code excellence section-wise
  • Boost performance + optimize by removing surplus code
  • Removing unused apps or codes or native development

Improve & growth

Drive Results

  • Enhance conversion, Incraese LTV + AOV
  • Chance to boost brand uniformity
  • Unify ecommerce strategies + tactics


Yes, we deliver continuous ecommerce analysis, strategic formulation, and cutting-edge CX design services. We comprehend that for numerous brands, it transcends mere implementation; the cognitive underpinning of a robust and seamless User Experience (UX) holds immense significance. We diligently adhere to industry best practices and avant-garde design principles, ensuring the delivery of ecommerce strategies that stand at the forefront of the industry.

We offer essential training and build flexibility for self-service content edits in Shopify’s 2.0 Editor (CMS). During builds, we import current meta-fields and request clients to adjust to the new format and update desired areas pre-launch. Clients adopting this streamline by removing 5-6 steps, ensuring cost and timeline efficiency.

Our expertise involves consulting on DTC brand ecommerce strategies, providing top-tier CX solutions, and crafting sites using Shopify & Shopify Plus. Content creation and input are not part of our scope.

Our Shopify Theme Build projects start from $3000, Custom Shopify Builds start from $5000 and Growth Retainers start from $2000/mo.

Support & Maintenance Retainers begin from $1000/mo.

Projects are broken down into a 50% advance, 2 x 20% milestone payments mid-project, and 10% on completion

On average, Shopify Theme Build projects span around 1-3 months. Meanwhile, Custom builds typically encompass 2-4 months. Project timelines are entirely contingent on the mutually established Scope of Work.

Prior to project initiation, A standard 2-week lead time, from deposit receipt, is observed for all projects to commence.

Post-launch, we offer a 90-day Free Support exclusively for bugs and errors. Additional fees apply for new builds, alterations, and feature enhancements. We extend Support & Maintenance Retainers for design and development assignments, or alternatively, Growth Retainers, which encompass strategic and CX design emphasis, inclusive of CRO + Development tasks.