Social listening, in-house research and community engagement



BRAD ADVERTISING, a global social media creative company brings both digital awareness and content driven experiences and luxury together with the aim to inspire, educate and give a voice to the leading luxury brands, business and startups. As a team of expertise we craft social-first strategies for brands. By social listening, community engagement and in-house research we will be leading the ever-changing landscape and serve unpaid social media and unparalleled organic service


Strategy and Management
Top Digital Marketing Agencies Of 2020 according to DesignRush, BRAD ADVERTISING have core expertise in luxury communications. The company which has been applauded for its strategic and excellent approach to social media marketing. We offer strategy, social media management and content creation along with the paid social media campaigns. We vaunt ourselves in luxury interactions and take an attractive, bespoke as well as strategic approach to social media for our clients.
Our team deliver a strategic approach to your social media. We begin by evaluating your social media and your audience. By taking an in-depth analysis into the performance of your channels, we fully submerge ourselves about knowing what content resonates with the visitors best and also who your brand is interacting well. In the primary stages we even set up your brand and how to best convey effectively over social media. We produce an official social media tone of voice- visually and verbally.

Art Direction & Content Creation
Social media is the hub of a brand’s day to day interactions and authorize branded touch points for the customer to connect and please them to fall in love with your brand. With social media management, BRAD ADVERTISING will generate, curate and source your content, by corroborating that the perfect messaging is emerging on the right platform. Our team will associate with your month in month out to server a strategic approach plucking the most gorgeous content line up with your brand ethos

Shopify Plus Premium Ecommerce


Shopify Plus Premium Ecommerce



Organic Social Media
One of the major strength of BRAD ADVERTISING’s is the potential to design successful organic social media strategies for luxury brands. Our team of professionals have a deep awareness of every social platform and creations every brand’s strategy heeded the major important factors of every social media channel to get the excellent results possible. Working across lifestyle, luxury fashion brands, the major organic social media activity happens over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Paid Social Advertising
At BRAD ADVERTISING we are expertise in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social media advertising. We deliver ad generation, campaign monitoring, Optimisation and conversion tracking and campaign reporting, and intelligent targeting segmentation. At the heart of eminent paid advertising is an essential strategy in place and also A/B testing. We will every time A/B test a lot of variables for a campaign, bespoke to your enterprise goal for the campaign, and to provide marketing learnings and insights. This will be testing unique assets, regions, landing pages or copy. We will personalize this to you. We will always foreground coming learnings for paid social advertising which you ensure to know, for the next campaign, your strategy has a landing in past successes
Influencer Marketing
We customize influencer marketing to the client’s purpose and budget. We understand success lies over complementary the right influencers and stretching in the most suitable way for your brand. Legitimacy is the hub of our strategy and the success we view for our clients. Working over luxury sphere, our team have history of working with selective top notch skill. We also know that influencers have assembled their audiences because they know their audience finest – we like to integrate with influencers collaboratively and authentically, so they make content which will view the best involvement from their audiences and with your brand


Many e-commerce companies believe that a good service or product is great for sales. But moving that messy, chaotic street store which gives you many customers. Shopify offers tools for making professional storefront

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Reliable And Security

You will be dealing with most sensitive consumer details along with impatient consumer’s stuff too which means your site needs to be secure, fast and needs to be on the internet always. Shopify have world class security

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Ease To Use

Skill in web development Shopify can be your companion and a full plug and play option. It offers you more than 100 desktops, mobile-ready storefront and desktop templates to make your business ready to start

  • Paid for themes
  • No need to place servers
  • Online tutorials are available
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Marketing And SEO Benefits

SEO Effectivity offers a blend of extensibility of software and mixed with SEO knowledge and marketing of that certain individual working over the site. But understanding of SEO is needed to get most from this.

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Consumer service

Shopify devoted team is available 24/7 by live chat, email and phone so you can find someone in case you need help. Even community forums and useful data is available within the Shopify help center customer support is easily accessible

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  • E-commerce university
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Marketing And Payment Tools

You can manage an e-commerce business which includes an online shopping cart to sell by marketing tools, social media, analytics and reports, and mobile access. Accepts credit card and PayPal payments and has its own payment gateway

  • Custom gift cards & discount
  • Facebook selling
  • Social media integration
  • Google ads & Facebook ads
  • Email marketing

BRAD ADVERTISING named one of the most innovative & trusted company in digital marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, business and portal websites!


BRAD ADVERTISING named one of the most innovative & trusted company in digital marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, business and portal websites!