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A full-service social media marketing company, BRAD ADVERTISING provides comprehensive solutions to aspirational brands globally

For brands, we'll develop a comprehensive social media strategy that takes into account content planning and creation. With their vast user populations, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest may all help you build brand authority, drive traffic to your website, and encourage sales. However, you must first decide the kind of content that would appeal to your target audience.

From eye-catching images for your social media feed, paid advertisements, and email newsletters to SEO content for your website and blog, we have all of your creative services covered.

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Social Media Marketing

We'll develop a comprehensive social media plan for you, including content creation and scheduling. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest with their large user base, may help you establish brand authority, attract traffic to your website, encourage and make purchases

The content is aimed and intended to be for an end-user, such as words, body copies, photos, pictures, infographics, audio and video files, and so on.
We develop and create quality content and all the valuable material you need to build, establish and maintain your brand authority, get new consumers, and keep existing ones by knowing the market and your target demographic audience

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Paid Social Media activity requires media spend to be put behind posts. These posts tend not to appear in your owned feed and can be seen by anyone in the target audience you set for that post. Organic Social Media activity requires no media spend. Content is posted directly into your social feed and will only be seen by your followers

Yes, as a Social Media Company we will always review your existing activity – including account and tracking setup, targeting, formats, creative and messaging as well as overall strategy – before we start. This will allow us to identify immediate efficiencies for quick wins as well as longer term gains.

We can take your existing target audience or work closely with the Insight & Strategy team to develop a set of personas and build out the best targeting for them within each platform. This may include:

  • Platform native targeting based on pre-defined audience segments such as demographic, location, interest, behaviour, job title, content and more
  • First party data, such as website visitors, people who have taken specific actions on your website or people who have engaged with ads
  • Third party data on some platforms, although this will usually require an agreement with the platform and data provider and will incur additional costs

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