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BRAD ADVERTISING is a cloud computing consultancy, focused on the implementation and operational support of Amazon Web Services Powered by BRAD TECHNOLOGY



BRAD ADVERTISING is the major self-reliant AWS-cloud services business. Our whole mission is to serve the assurance of cloud and steer fantastic remarkable value for our consumers for searching, monitoring, analyzing, and for visualization of machine-produced huge data from applications, networks, websites, servers, IoT, and also mobile devices. We support firms to achieve competitive benefits through successful cloud modification. We are the most-liked strategic companion for Amazon Web Services.

BRAD ADVERTISING has partnered with AWS as the major cloud-native service provider. We are supporting firms that transform how they can do business by delegating their different journeys to AWS. As an AWS Consulting associate with AWS verified engineers, the world’s huge enterprises are based upon our expertise, experience, and also the culture for supporting them for strategizing, migrating, modernizing, and managing their change on AWS

Cloud Strategy

Our aiding cloud adoption services support you to develop momentum for transformational results. Regardless of your cloud maturity, we design a high-allegiance sight of what actually success views like for your firm. We do this by improving your expertise, assembling alignment over your company, determining new authority and operating models, elaborating your processes and much more.

Embrace Business Transformation
Cloud adoption offers your company a strategic competitive benefit – yet it needs fundamental organizational transformation. You can never get a thing by renovating legacy systems within a cloud environment. Our skilled cloud strategists help your transition, coordinating change within the technology, processes and people in your firm to serve true company transformation.

Better Cloud Governance
If you are adopting cloud, you need to think about a systematic way for handling the risks integrated with cloud usage. Cloud governance services usually  include positioning a set of rules in a place for managing a cloud deployment for controlling costs, developing efficiency and even restrict well-known security issues. Our Cloud Strategy team will support you for building a powerful cloud governance policy – associated with your cloud adoption and your company’s objectives – that can support you access innovation and agility, while reducing this risk.

Shopify Plus Premium Ecommerce


Shopify Plus Premium Ecommerce


Cloud Build

Cloud migration is the impetus for changing your company to an agile, creative business with an ultimate competitive edge. Our driven cloud migration way accesses us to successfully steer complex on-premise estates across to the cloud. Once we get there, we can support you in building your cloud landing zone, setting up a foundation for your company to regularly perceive value from your brand new infrastructure.

Prepare for Cloud Migration
BRAD ADVERTISING cloud migration services design a frictionless way to migrate your on-premise estate for your cloud platform environment – supporting driving your firm to high-value outcomes.
Our cloud developers and architects gather for putting your strategy to action. We could take a deep analytical perspective for assessing and preparing your migration. After acknowledging configurations and dependencies our team must execute the migration. While performing this, our team try to find best opportunities for you for modernising utilizing the cloud native services and even the architectures. Afterwards we will make you learn about operating the cloud, and placing you in full control of optimizing scalability, security and anything which matters for you.

Building Your Cloud Platform
At BRAD ADVERTISING, we design cloud platforms which support firms that reach high-value results. By our cloud migration services, we design optimized cloud landing zones which are extremely scalable, efficient, secure and governed. Then, we can increase and customize your platform within time by code release, policy, automated infrastructure, and cloud governance – and everything which steers value to your operations.


Many e-commerce companies believe that a good service or product is great for sales. But moving that messy, chaotic street store which gives you many customers. Shopify offers tools for making professional storefront

  • Tons of designed themes
  • Minimal and lively themes
  • Edit templates
  • Top web designer stuff
  • No tech worries

Reliable And Security

You will be dealing with most sensitive consumer details along with impatient consumer’s stuff too which means your site needs to be secure, fast and needs to be on the internet always. Shopify have world class security

  • Server maintenance
  • Upgrades to shopping cart and maintenance
  • SSL certificate
  • Encryption data & Secure connection
  • PCI compliance

Ease To Use

Skill in web development Shopify can be your companion and a full plug and play option. It offers you more than 100 desktops, mobile-ready storefront and desktop templates to make your business ready to start

  • Paid for themes
  • No need to place servers
  • Online tutorials are available
  • Personalization options
  • Extensive documentation

Marketing And SEO Benefits

SEO Effectivity offers a blend of extensibility of software and mixed with SEO knowledge and marketing of that certain individual working over the site. But understanding of SEO is needed to get most from this.

  • Edit meta tags
  • SEO friendly collections, descriptions
  • Optimization of site content
  • Integrate seamlessly tools and platforms
  • Sell and work more

Consumer service

Shopify devoted team is available 24/7 by live chat, email and phone so you can find someone in case you need help. Even community forums and useful data is available within the Shopify help center customer support is easily accessible

  • Fast and secure
  • User friendly
  • Collection of guides
  • E-commerce university
  • 24X7 Support

Marketing And Payment Tools

You can manage an e-commerce business which includes an online shopping cart to sell by marketing tools, social media, analytics and reports, and mobile access. Accepts credit card and PayPal payments and has its own payment gateway

  • Custom gift cards & discount
  • Facebook selling
  • Social media integration
  • Google ads & Facebook ads
  • Email marketing

BRAD ADVERTISING named one of the most innovative & trusted company in digital marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, business and portal websites!


BRAD ADVERTISING named one of the most innovative & trusted company in digital marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, business and portal websites!