We’re Magento Adobe Solution Partner that has skill working with global retail brands and maximizing startups for beauty, fashion, luxury, home, lifestyles, decor, business and industry. BRAD ADVERTISING provides solutions for all Magento e-commerce services that include design and development, user experience bottlenecks, under-performing websites, bespoke development, security vulnerabilities, and much more.

As one of the Magento Adobe Solution partners across the world, we are assured that BRAD ADVERTISING can serve the future-generation commerce solutions our consumers want to future-proof their companies. BRAD ADVERTISING is a global digital marketing company generating life-changing commerce experiences for lifestyle, beauty, and fashion brands. Integrating award-winning creative proficiency with technical abilities focused on the Magento, Woo-commerce, WordPress, Shopify platforms.

Top eCommerce Development Companies Of 2020 according to DesignRush, BRAD ADVERTISING generates channel-blurred consumer journeys made to make heart-stopping situations and steer measurable results. Operating at the crossing of commerce technology and consumer experience game plan, we serve complicated digital solutions to major B2C and B2B retailers


Magento is the main platform for open commerce innovation. Magento is successfully combined both physical and digital shopping experiences along with enjoyable consumers. As well as its flagship open-source commerce platform, Magento drive a powerful portfolio of cloud-based Omni channel solutions which include retail associate, order management technologies and in-stores.

Small Business: A powerful online existence is a must for every small e-commerce company that survives and thrives in these days of ruthless online selling grounds. Magento commerce is a full bundle of solution set that offers the ability of Magento through purchasable prices for every small business. By a single instance small companies can utilise many global shipping suppliers.

Mid-Market & Enterprise: An limitless personalization platform generated for broadening from the retail leaders across worldwide in depending over e-commerce solutions. Magento commerce offers integrated cloud services, naive functionality along with devoted consumer success contacts by accessing your team to effort their imagination to create a unique shopping experience. Order management, business intelligence and much more tools drive your sales and understand your commerce vision.

B2B e-commerce: Up to 93% of business to business purchasers tend to buy online, with self-provide details direct from sellers? In these days crowded B2B marketplace, purchase commands an intuitive and easy online purchasing and account management experience which feels so great such as B2B. If you cannot meet these commands your competitors will.

Migrating To Magento 2



Omni Channel: Marketers already addressed many ways purchases can buy from them with the powerful launch of a variety of channels, then revamp the experience in all. This will be never going to reflects the way of people purchase these days they like to purchase where they want and what they need at a competitive charge and with fast delivery. Omni channel is a business intuitive rather than just an option. Magento provides the perfect products, partners along with services to offer you a helping hand in receiving Omni channel success.

Digital Transformation: The E-commerce world is changing very quickly. Your next rivalry will eventually come at any time, from anywhere. Your triumph is relying on company agility and making ready for everything. You need to grab chances to stick out and get ready to get the better of obstacles that come in your way from customers to competitor expectations to advancing technologies. Every of this without overlooking the sight of internal realities: timeline, budget and legacy. Look how Magento e-commerce platform will help you to create this transition easy with their digital products.

Mobile Commerce: In 2021, nearly 5o% of online sales will arrive from smartphones and in a few markets which count already more than 80%. Possessing an affordable and quick way to make a mobile-ready website is tough for growth. But the future will be smartphones and Magento will help firms to make a foundation for that future.

Migrating to Magento commerce 2: These days the demands of customers strain the abilities of yesterday’s commerce platforms. At present more than before, the next generation’s answers should be needed as quickly as possible to exceed and meet every customer expectation. Migrating to Magento will easily dig out dramatic company possibilities for your own Magento Commerce 1 store.

Meaningful commerce experience

Magento commerce abilities is developing with customers in mind. Craft personalized content, own your customers experience and promotions even serve a smooth path to buy. A page builder is a very easy drag and drop option for all the E-commerce website builders.

  • Page builder
  • Page builder
  • Customer segmentation
  • personalization.
  • Content staging & preview
  • Instant purchase
  • Merchandising

Seamless shopping everywhere

Commerce expansion is powered by offering your consumer wants and wherever they are. Extend your reach and growth into geographic and new channels, vend online to customers and businesses on a single platform to generate the revenue

  • Mobile commerce
  • B2B e-commerce
  • PWA studio
  • Global expansion
  • Sales Management
  • Ad channels
  • ERP integration

Intelligent & Efficient operations

Automation, efficiency and accessibility to data is needed to stand out in the modern commerce. Magento commerce will make it simple for our sellers to have into and operate like a data-driven and effective commerce organizations enlarge their business.

  • Business intelligence
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Customer service
  • Data Driven Technology
  • Automation
  • Seller Management

Operate with confidence

Purchases have huge expectations regarding brands which they interact with - from high-level performance to innovative interactions, to security. Work your commerce operations with the belief which you had the capability to exceed and meet those expectations.

  • Open & customizable
  • Cloud deployment
  • Security & trust
  • Performance scale
  • APIs
  • Marketplace
  • Third Party Support

Progressive Web Applications

Purchasing experience Magento PWA studio is remodeling the way developer made mobile experience. PWA studio allows developers and merchants to build fast, interacting and reliable mobile experiences to drive conversion and engagement

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Single Codebase - Mobile and Desktop
  • Ability to Attract Top Front-end Talent
  • Freedom to Deploy
  • Maximize The Conversions
  • High End Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

Magento provide a reliable, fast, and engaging mobile experience to boost user engagement, increases conversion and help to increase the revenue growth for global brands and fashions and luxury startups

  • Inviting Interface
  • Fast, Responsive Browsing
  • The Magic of Service Workers
  • Respectful to Emerging Markets
  • Low Data Commitment
  • High Conversions
  • Download

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