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Ecommerce Consulting & Auditing

ecommerce consulting

eCommerce Consulting Company

With our strategic growth retainers, we assist brands and retailers in achieving their business goals and objectives. Brad specialists build and plan well-thought-out, prioritised roadmaps and projects that improve the performance and conversion of your website, aided by Brad CRO, and help you meet your growth goals.

For companies and merchants wanting to understand and maximise their eCommerce technology stack, customer experience, and marketing channels, we conduct extensive, multi-disciplined eCommerce audits. Our audits are totally customised to address your specific trouble areas and assist you in meeting your eCommerce development goals.


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Consultancy + Auditing


Our eCommerce consulting was created for forward-thinking eCommerce businesses in need of direction, advise, optimization, and strategy. We can assist you accelerate growth and be your single point of contact for eCommerce support because managing an eCommerce brand can be difficult and competitive.
Our eCommerce audits are designed to look at a variety of aspects of your eCommerce business, including the effectiveness of your technology stack, the suitability of your eCommerce platform, third-party integrations, customer acquisition strategy and effectiveness, individual channel performance, front-end UX, customer communications, analytics & reporting, and your team

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  • Technology stack - eCommerce platform, third party technologies, back office systems, integrations etc.
  • Customer experience - front-end UX, merchandising functions, CRM, email comms, UGC, content, mobile usability, performance, checkout, payments, post-purchase CX etc.
  • Analytics - tag management, data, attribution models etc.
  • Customer acquisition - internationalisation, marketing technologies, effectiveness of individual channels, use of marketing budget etc.
  • Best practice eCommerce - accessibility, SEO, performance, checkout, payments etc.
  • Brad experts - team skills, processes, training and development etc.